TLJonline | Art by Thomas Lamkin Jr | About
Born in a small town in Arizona, Thomas moved from place to place until settling back down in Louisville, Kentucky, near where previous generations of his family had lived. This blend of newness and the familiar gives Thomas the ability to see the region through fresh eyes that yet understand the history and culture of the people. He can approach Louisville as a tourist, enjoying the little details and old stories, while relating them to how things have changed over the generations. You can see this sense of wonder and connection in his photography, art, and stories.

Early on, his father instilled in him the love of adventure and seeing beyond the obvious. Thomas grew up on epic stories, some of them originals that are only now being put down to paper, and pursued a degree in creative writing. His goal remains to tell stories, whatever medium may present itself.

Thomas has done work with businesses from animal shelters to the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and many families who wanted a fresh and fun series of images by which to remember special occasions. He is available for appointments, but secretly enjoys getting the chance to spontaneously photograph those who might join him as he explores the areas around Louisville. Lately, this has been his lovely wife and four children who manage to inspire even greater art and experimentation from his digital paintbrush.